Technology connecting friends and family
Technology connecting friends and family


Did you ever imagine handling ICT technology that adapts to your skills and wishes instead of making you adapt to it? More and more elderly live in single households with their loved ones and relatives not so close. As an older adult who is not trained to use ICT technology, staying in contact with your beloved ones is often reduced to phone calls.


The Kith&Kin project tackles the problem of the progressive social isolation of older adults living alone and in far distance from their family members.


Kith&Kin aims to create a new approach to respond to the vast diversity in user needs and capabilities.


Kith&Kin offers a solution for technology illiterate older adults to foster the communication and interaction with their family and friends by designing a new product which is based on well-known communication and interaction patterns.

Through tangible interaction possibilities following the criteria easy to understand, easy to handle and fun to use Kith&Kin enables older adults to use the functionalities communicating, gaming and sharing.

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Andreas Stainer-Hochgatterer
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Active & Assisted Living

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